water wells

We would like to introduce you to a small poverty-stricken community in Nicaragua. The name of the community is "15 de Septiembre" (15th of September), taken from the date of its founding. It is near San Benito, Nicaragua. We serve here often with food and bible distributions. The entire community of 280 families live in poverty, many of the homes with walls and roofs made of black plastic and tarps.

Prior to 2011, there was NO running water to serve this community! Only one well with a hand-pump existed and could not meet the needs of the people. In the fall of 2011, by the grace of God, generous partners, and dedicated volunteers, Kosmos installed a motorized well, 220-foot deep, to replace the shallow, contaminated water well! Phase 1 is complete - fresh, clean water has been brought to the people!

Phase 2 involves the installation of an above ground tank, with an estimated cost of $15,000.

Phase 3 includes running pipe to each of the 280 homes, to cost another $15,000.

There is a second community subsisting on contaminated water, called Los Laureles, also in need of a well. We are currently seeking partnerships to fund the $10,000 needed to drill this well.

Please consider partnering with Kosmos to see that these important projects are brought to completion!