Church Construction and Repair

In 2008, one of our first projects was to assist an impoverished church with constructing a building for them to come together and worship, learn, pray and serve. The church owned a small piece of land in Tipitapa, so under God's leading, Kosmos and this church community decided to partner together and build! It took several years, dedicated partners and hard working mission teams, but Christ our Rock Church is now built and serving its own community. Starting quite humbly with 5 people meeting in the pastor's home, the church now has over 70 adult members and is now our primary church-partner in networking with other pastors and churches in extremely impoverished communities.

Recently we have been assisting in the construction of churches in Juigalpa, a town in the mountains of Nicaragua, and in Los Laureles, located near Tipitapa. Please consider partnering with us to continue serving these church communities.

To keep perspective, it is important to note that all of these churches are very modest, open-air churches in very impoverished communities. The church members typically live in rusty tin or black-plastic shacks with dirt floors and no running water. They consider themselves very fortunate if they have jobs that pay the equivalent of $2 per day.