child investment project

This project involves reaching young children and adolescents in the poverty stricken areas around our partner churches in Nicaragua. Our goal is to empower these children and young adults by giving them the skills and preparation needed to face the tough circumstances in Nicaragua. Our objectives are to combat malnutrition in the children combined with Biblical and secular education.

For example, we are currently providing resources to Christ Our Rock Church in Nicaragua to reach 70 area youth from the ages of 1 to 14. Every Sunday the church provides teaching regarding both Biblical education and life skills (reading, writing, conflict resolution, etc.). Through active participation on the part of the children and dedicated teacher volunteers, growth, development and positive change is being enabled!. These children are also given a nutritious meal - quite often their most substantial meal of the week.

We are currently searching for support to grow this initiative. Other communities have this same need! $150 per month allows Kosmos to serve 70 additional children in another needy community. Please consider partnering with us to invest in the future of a child!