our mission

Kosmos is a inter-denominational Christian mission organization. We strive to work with various churches and groups, attempting to bridge denominational differences through service. Kosmos seeks to join God in His mission to the world by connecting others with ministry opportunities. We provide for, and serve the poor and underprivileged regardless of race, gender, nationality, religious affiliation, etc.

Kosmos Ministries is a mission organization, not a church. Even so, we are not seeking to create a ministry apart from the Church, but to bridge the gap between those in need and churches who would otherwise be unable to become involved. Kosmos hopes to extend the mission of the church by 1) serving the underprivileged, and 2) exposing those who are sent to the powerful effects of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

our goals

We want to meet the practical needs of the poor and those forgotten by society. Our projects include feeding and clothing the poor, ministering to orphans, widows, any who are struggling with the realities of poverty in the world. Through service comes relief, not just for those affected by poverty, but also for those engaging in compassion and love with our brothers and sisters in need. Additionally, we operate as living witnesses of Christian discipleship, thus we seek to attend the spiritual needs of those we serve in addition to practical ones.

our vision

Through provision of time, talent and resources, be a hands-on testament to the love of Jesus Christ to impoverished peoples and their impoverished churches in targeted areas, resulting in an empowerment that cascades from one body to another. Kosmos seeks to increase effectiveness by continuing partnerships with various impoverished churches throughout Central America.

our mission

To equip, empower, and engage impoverished peoples through the ecumenical church, while being the presence of Christ in word and deed, in order to serve the last, the least and the lost.